As this week tumbles by with the truck back home and ourselves back at work, I finally have some time (it’s 3:40 a.m.) to write about it.

On our way to The Death Ride a week and a half ago, at about 9 pm, on a dark mountain Highway 88 (sounds like a song!) while pulling our twenty-four foot camping trailer, our Ford 250 truck’s alternator died. HA that’s it! The truck wanted all the attention and had its own death ride! My mind does funny things so early in the morning with the first few sips of cup of coffee.

We limped without headlights or any other power in the truck for what seemed like a very long time though was probably less than five minutes, to a place to pull over and figured we’d sleep and deal with it in the morning. Here’s what happened:

July 6: At 9 pm and 2 hours from Markleeville on a dark mountain road our alternator went out. Two nice CHP officers came by and the one in the SUV strapped the truck and trailer up and dragged us fifty feet forward to get out of the way of a gate and fence.

July 7: WBF hitchhiked six miles to town for a new alternator, got a ride back with an Auto Zone employee and they installed it on the side of the road. We thought we were on our way but the truck continued to have issues. After many stops and starts, the CHP escorted us to back to Auto Zone to charge the truck batteries. We limped to the recommended auto shop three miles away.

July 7: We learned that the transmission was toast and decided that towing it home was the best option.

July 8: We coordinated the tow and how we were going to store the trailer for the week.

July 9: The tow truck left at 3:00 am from home and drove the 268 miles to pick us up. Great guy, bench seat, no air conditioning, 106 degrees.

July 10-14: The transmission was rebuilt by our local mechanic.

July 15: With the new transmission, we drove back up north, picked up our trailer, and took a mini-vacation wandering old western towns while waiting for the shop to open on Monday morning.

July 17: Hooked up the trailer and drove it home.

Soooooooooooo, on our way home we decided on our “make up” century. There are many from which to choose between now and the end of the season, but as it turns out, on August 20th The Napa Valley Century has an official NF Endurance Team participating! The director of the program has offered to set us up to stay with a family affected by NF the night before the ride. I have the feeling that it will be an amazing experience.

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